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Study Heights Homes is a dynamic online marketplace that offers an exclusive range of boarding homes, rentals, and homestay for the international student community. We enlist families and individuals who are keen on hosting international students during their study tenure. Hosting international students is a great approach to learn about the different customs and traditions prevailing around the world

How SHH Works?

Your unforgettable student host experience starts here.

Study Heights Homes is a pioneer student service that aspires to improve student quality of life by using its smart match technology.

Create a listing

Hosts can create a listing from the dashboard, go to add a listing, and fill in the form with the required fields. The listing goes live on submitting.

Receive Interests

Study Heights maintains the record of study and work experiences of students requiring accommodation. SHJ helps hosts filter out unwanted applications and help you save time.

Rent your place

You no longer have to hope that the money sent is used for what it was intended, you can send e-vouchers for specific needs and view redemption details.

Who Can use it


Hosts can expand their family horizons by hosting someone from a vast brigade of international students and travelers. Create a listing to receive new interests from global students every month

Students Travellers

Students can create Academic Profiles to discover the best academic courses and a wide plethora of services, including accommodation, jobs, and career guidance

Host Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Create a listing
  • View interests
  • Arrange a viewing/Confirmation
  • Select a student & Rent

The interests should start pouring in as soon as you list your home. However, the student population's presence in your area may affect the time necessary to receive interests.

Hosts: No, the listings are free of charge.

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